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Alumni Resources

If you are in need of resources or support, please contact your NDCR Alumni Counselor. Support is available for students in need of financial, academic, and transition support. Please know that Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School is here to support you!
Our goal is to support our alumni well-beyond graduation, by helping them navigate college, career, and more. Alumni resources include:
College advising and counseling such as:
  • Academic: Course and major selection, academic preparedness workshops, transferring (community college to college), and graduate school
  • Financial Aid: Assistance in completing FASFA, loan support, and financial assistance through our Alumni Emergency Fund
  • Social Emotional Support: Difficulty with college transition/ identity or locating resources
Register to virtually meet with your Alumni Counselor for support at your Alumni Check-In!
  • LinkedIn: Please connect with our LinkedIn page for additional opportunities and networking connections. Don't have a LinkedIn profile? Sign up! LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to build a community of professional connections, engage with other professionals, and showcase your educational and employment history. 
  • Career Spring: CareerSpring is a non-profit organization committed to helping first generation students and high-quality employers realize mutual and maximal benefits through each other. To fulfill this commitment, CareerSpring partners with employers, community organization, and school to provide a Career Platform that informs, advises, and places this exclusive pool of human talent in employment positions that benefit both the individual and the employer. To learn more, visit the CareerSpring website at
        • To register and become an advisee on the platform, follow this link. Registration takes about 10-15 minutes and gives you the opportunity to share information about you, your achievements, and professional goals/interests. 
        • If you already started making an account, you can sign in here to apply
  • Cristo Rey National Alumni Association: In 2019, The Cristo Rey Network launched the National Alumni Association to connect, engage, and mobilize over 18,000 alumni from 37 Cristo Rey schools nationwide. The Alumni Association's online portal allows Cristo Rey graduates to access career development and career placement at CWSP partners, build community through regional events, and engage in peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities. Visit the Alumni Association website at for more information. 
  • The Alumni Emergency Fund is a last resort funding source for NDCR alumni. The fund is for students who, without the emergency financial support would be at risk of discontinuing their studies. Although it is not a guarantee, alumni can apply for a maximum award of up to $2,000. Awards are made on a case-by-case basis and may require an interview.
Qualifications include:
  • Must be an NDCR (NDHS) alumni pursuing either an associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree
  • Must have a minimum cumulate GPA of a 2.5 or higher
  • Experienced some unexpected change in financial aid that places the alum at risk of continuing in their degree program. 
  • Must be willing to volunteer at NDCR upon being a recipient of the Alumni Emergency Fund 
  • Must fill out application
  • College Mentoring: The purpose of this program is to ease the transition graduating seniors and recent alumni to college. Mentors can be alumni that are already students at those schools or graduates of those colleges. We can never have enough College Mentors! This can benefit both the recent graduate and current or graduated student for volunteer and resume opportunities. Please fill out a form if you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee!
As NDCR alumni, there are so many ways in which one person can give. You have built memories, opportunities, experience, and skills that you have started on your educational journey at NDCR and has led to where you are today. From college graduates first in their family, starting businesses, working at some major companies, and succeeding in so many ways. Many of us alumni (your Alumni Counselor, NDCR Class of 2009 graduate included!), took what we learned for granted and yet, we went off into the world realizing some of the benefits of attending a Cristo Rey school. 
Here are a few ways you can give back and continue to be part of the NDCR community: 
  • Volunteer
      • Campus Ministry- Campus Ministry welcomes alumni back to campus and participate in giving back to the community, from attending charity events, providing food donations that support the Lawrence community and it's families, clean-up opportunities and more!
      • Extracurriculars- Athletics welcomes back alumni who would like to participate in any game day staffing opportunities, such as concession stand clerks, recording stats, game announcing, and more! Opportunities for coach staffing may also be available for the following provided sports- basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheerleading, cross country, and soccer. Alumni can also become club/activities moderator in their specialties. Meetings are usually held once/week from 3:30pm-4:30pm. 
  • Get Involved
      • Campus wide events: NDCR welcomes alumni back to pep rallies, sports games, Community Homeroom (yes, we still that!), alumni life panels, and speaker opportunities.
      • The Admissions Office and Alumni Office share a number of events throughout the year welcoming alumni back to share in their experience as well as participating in the annual admissions interviews.
          • The Admissions Interviews are an opportunity for alumni to interview new applicants looking to enter the NDCR community. As an interviewer, alumni have the opportunity to have a positive say into what the future of NDCR looks like. As former students, who have personally gone through these interviews themselves, Alumni know and remember what it's like to be on the other side of these interviews. 
          • The Alumni Office hosts a number of Alumni Panels to share in their experience as NDCR graduates who can share their experience of living on a college campus, knowledge of resources, and any tips and tricks to applying to colleges. Alumni can also share in their career path and opportunities.
      • Tutoring: The Academic Support team offers a number of great opportunities for alumni to return to campus and support current students who may need academic support. This includes subject tutoring, mid-term or finals study session for freshmen, and more!
      • Corporate Work Study Program: The CWSP Team offers a number of opportunities to involve alumni, which include teaching basic office skills and etiquette courses during Summer Training (yes, we still have that mandatory training in the summer!), sharing any job opportunities with your company to hire NDCR students, and sharing your CWSP experience with new students to ease their nerves for their first day of work. 
      • Employment: NDCR is always looking to expand and diversify campus skillsets by continuing to hire qualified alumni! Check out our employment page for any interest. 
  • Donate 
      • Alumni can contribute to the funding of NDCR anytime. As an alumni with the opportunity to attend NDCR, which provides students and their families the ability to afford a Catholic, college preparatory education, learn professional skills through CWSP is not an opportunity given to all. Every single graduate has been invested in with this belief while they were attending NDCR, whether offered financial aid or a scholarship. At NDCR, 100% of students are given financial aid and invested in through CWSP and our Development Office. Only alumni can understand the importance of the education offered at NDCR and can understand why some one else' investment is or maybe even was important. That investment was once you; through support of CWSP, through the Development Office, and with the many sacrifices of our families for a better education and future. If you would like to make a special contribution to the NDCR community, please learn more on our Ways to Give page.