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Alumni » Alumni Spotlight- A. Terrero

Alumni Spotlight- A. Terrero

Arianna Isanil Terrero, Class of 2023
Secondary Education and History 
Where are you now? How did you become interested in your field?
I'm currently enrolled at Stonehill College for my undergraduate program. I wanted to get into education after my senior work-study job, I was placed as a preschool teacher at St.Monica's school and fell in love with being in the classroom, and from there I knew it was the calling for my life.
What advice would you give to other alumni or current students who aspire to pursue your career path?
Some advice I could give is to look at all of your options, even when you think it is not going to work out there is probably another option that will benefit you in the long run. Also having patience as all good things come at the right time.
What contributed to your success or where you are today?
Being an NDCR student has contributed to my success because NDCR and Stonehill College are connected in the Cristo Rey network I was blessed with a full ride to Stonehill.
Do you believe Notre Dame Cristo Rey has impacted your career or the person you are today? If so, how?
Absolutely, NDCR taught me the importance of time management, knowing how to be ready for interviews, and how to conduct myself in a professional space. So when it came time to apply for leadership positions and campus jobs, I already knew how to prepare myself and what skill I had to bring to the table that I had obtained through my NDCR summer training.
What do you enjoy doing on your free time?
I am a part of a lot of clubs on campus, so I like attending club meetings with my friends and having a good time while enjoying good food. I also enjoy working on my art, whether it is painting or a coloring page, I have more time to relax and get into my artistic ways.
How would you describe Cristo Rey to someone who is new to the school? OR What would you say to prospective Cristo Rey families who are considering Cristo Rey?
NDCR is a long-lasting blessing, the school challenges students to strive for their absolute best and it continues to pay off even after graduating. Their goal is college acceptance and creating great members of society, and I am proof of this. The college guidance that I was given at NDCR has led me to where I am now and has granted me the ability to go through my undergraduate program almost completely free based on the advice I was given. But most importantly the staff are driven to support the students in all aspects of life.