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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! On September 1st, our Admissions Office will begin accepting applications for the freshmen class.
  • Our priority deadline is December 10th. In previous years, we have been able to have a rolling admissions with the opportunity to review and accept late applications. In addition to the interest of our new location, increase in applications, and growing wait list are reasons we can no longer consider late applications once we have met capacity. 
  • Yes! The FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment (financial aid application) must be completed along with the admissions application. When completed, the Admissions Office will reach out to schedule an interview. Once accepted, the decision letter along with financial aid will be mailed and emailed to the applicant. 
  • If you need assistance completing the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, set up an appointment with us today! 
Go to our Admissions Calendar, to register for our following events:
  • In-person Open House on October 15th
  • Private tours are available.  Please contact the Admissions office at 978-689-1928
If you have any questions about admissions, call the Admissions Office or email [email protected]  
As noted in our mission at NDCR, we offer a private, college preparatory education to young men and women from households with limited income. We chose to provide an equal opportunity for those who would not have the financial ability to attend a private college prep option. If it is a concern, we recommend completing the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment before applying to see if the applicant is eligible.  
All applicant files are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if we at NDCR have the capacity to serve the student's academic needs.  
No, we welcome students of all faiths and denominations, as well as those of no faith background at all.  The school is open to all interested candidates and religious preference is not a factor in the admissions process.  However, Notre Dame Cristo Rey is a Catholic institution and a four-year curriculum in religious studies is a requirement for graduation.  In addition, regular liturgical celebrations, Christian Service Projects, and spiritual retreats are an important component of our students’ education. 
New applicants entering grade 9 must take the High School Placement Test as part of their application. Entering students will also take their Entrance Exam in June to support student placement into classes.  
Yes, we do accept transfer students. Students applying for the 10th and 11th grade have higher chances of transferring as credits become difficult to accept once entering 12th grade. For more information about how to apply as a transfer student, follow the steps on this page. 
  • Once all required documents are received, students will be invited to interview in January. Applications and interview evaluations will be reviewed.
  • All applicants will receive a letter and an email with their decisions attached in February.
  • Late applicants will be considered until capacity is reached. Wait listed students will be reconsidered in April and again in May.
  • Within the acceptance package, there will be instructions on how to submit the registration fee and necessary forms.
  • Payments can be paid over the phone, in-person or mailed into the Admissions Office. 
  • Complete the Admissions Response Form here and pay the registration over the phone. 
Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $14,800 which includes all academic fees. With the help from our Corporate Work Study Program and our Office of Mission Advancement families are only responsible for $3,900 as tuition for the school year. This cost does not include financial aid or possible scholarships. 

Since the majority of a student’s tuition is financed through the Corporate Work Study Program, the highest amount a family is expected to pay is $390 a month. However, families may be expected to contribute less than this. All families are required to complete a financial aid form. The actual amount of financial aid given will be determined based on a family’s need. 

  • Tuition payments are on the 1st of every month beginning on August 1st until the last payment May 1st.  
  • Payments options are available: monthly or quarterly.
  • Payments can be made via check, cash, or card to the Finance Office in person, through mail, or over the phone. Recurring payments can be placed through the Finance Office. 

Yes, participation in our Corporate Work Study Program is mandatory for every student.  All students work five full days a month during the school year where they obtain invaluable hands-on experience while also covering the majority of the cost of their education. 

Cristo Rey Students work at a variety of law firms, banks, hospitals and non-profits. A complete list of our corporate partners can be found on theCWSP page. 

Notre Dame Cristo Rey arranges transportation of students from school to their work study jobs.  They will travel to and from their jobs via our CWSP vans. 

Though we've moved a short distance from Lawrence to Methuen, we will now be offering morning transportation. Interested families must complete a transportation application at the start of the school year, and pay a fee starting at $500 for the full year. 
  • Uniform can be ordered from JB Pride Uniforms online, in-person, or over the phone. 
  • Use zip code: 01844 and code: 046 to shop for NDCR uniform. 
  • Families should plan to have their orders completed in June for students to be in full uniform for the Summer Training Institute. We understand the difficulty of not be able to do proper fittings, but if there are any issues in getting your uniform please call the Admissions Office. 
  • Both summer programs are mandatory. All new students are expected to attend the Summer Training Institute and only some are required to attend the Summer Bridge Program. A students acceptance letter states whether a student is expected to one or both programs. If you are still unsure, please contact the Admissions Office for clarification. Remember, if a student misses this programs their acceptance may be rescinded. 
  • Summer Bridge Program is an academic-based program providing students classes in English, Math, Study Habits, and College Readiness. The Summer Training Institute is designed to prepare students for work. Classes offered include personal development, business etiquette, entry level office skills, and more. No materials are needed for either program and supplies will be provided to you.