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Welcome, New Students!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School! 

We are very excited to welcome you to NDCR, where you will receive an incredible college prep education, gain professional skills that you will use for the rest of your life, and soon go to college! We hope that you celebrate this achievement with your friends and family.
  • Watch the mail for a special delivery from the NDCR Admissions Office.
  • Review your acceptance package that was mailed to your home! If it does not arrive by February 11, please contact our office.
  • Share your excitement with family and friends! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @ndcrhs
  • Like us on Facebook to stay connected!
  • Enroll with NDCR today!
Upcoming Dates
NDCR Campus Tour
Schedule a tour of the new NDCR campus by using this link or calling the Admissions Office.
Every Wednesday
Accepted Students Virtual Celebration
This event is dedicated to welcoming the newly accepted class of 2026! Learn more about why you should join the NDCR family!
Tuesday, March 1
5:00 pm - 7:00pm
Accepted Parent Virtual Celebration
This event is dedicated to welcoming the newly accepted parents of the class of 2026! Learn more about why you should join the NDCR family!
Thursday, March 3
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Freshmen Assessment
JB Pride Uniforms will be available to schedule fittings for this day.
Saturday, June 11
New Student CWSP Orientation
Mandatory for all incoming students and parents
Wednesday, June 15
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Summer Bridge Program
Mandatory for required students only. Check your acceptance letter to be sure!
July 6th - July 22nd
8 am - 12 pm
Young Professionals Training
Mandatory for all new incoming students
July 25th - August 5th
7:15 am - 12 pm
How do I enroll at NDCR?
  • Complete the Admissions Response Form, which is included in your mail package, and return it to NDCR with your non-refundable $300.00 registration deposit. You may also email the form and call our Admissions Office to complete your payment by phone. There is also an option to fill out an online Admissions Response Form. You must do so before the given due date, which will be included in your package. 
  • Regular registration is due by March 11th. Students who were awarded scholarships must respond by February 23rd.  
How do I know which summer program(s) to attend?
  • Both summer programs are mandatory and will be in person.
  • All new students are expected to attend the Young Professionals Training and only some are required to attend the Summer Bridge Program. A student's acceptance letter states whether a student is expected to one or both programs. If you are still unsure, please contact the Admissions Office for clarification. Remember, if a student misses these programs, their acceptance may be rescinded.
      • Summer Bridge Program runs from July 6 to July 22, 8AM-12PM
      • Young Professionals Training runs from July 25 to August 5, 7:15AM-12PM
  • Summer Bridge Program is an academic-based program providing students classes in English, Math, Study Habits, and College Readiness. The Summer Training Institute is designed to prepare students for work. Classes offered include personal development, business etiquette, entry level office skills, and more. No materials are needed for either program and supplies will be provided to you.
  • Summer Bridge: Students can wear casual attire approved through the Student Handbook (page 37).
  • Young Professionals Training: Students must be in full uniform. For directions on hair and more of the dress code- please refer to our Student Handbook (page 37).
How, when, and where can I get my uniform?
  • Uniform can be ordered from JB Pride Uniforms online, in-person, or over the phone.
  • Use zip code: 01844 and code: 046 to shop for NDCR uniform.
  • Families should plan to have their orders completed in June for students to be in full uniform for the Young Professionals Training.
Will NDCR be providing transportation to the new location?
  • Since the opening in 2004, NDCR has only provided transportation to and from the Corporate Work Study Program jobs. Though we will be moving a short distance away, we have added  a small bus to offer support to the most families in need.
  • Our transportation should be considered as a last line of support as we are only able to offer up to 15 spaces on the bus and only morning transportation. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first serve basis. 
  • There is a fee of $500 a year, paid per semester at $250.
  • Contracts will be made available in August. 
How do you know which scholarship or financial aid you received? 
  • The name and amount of any scholarship or aid was provided under the Family Contribution Form provided upon acceptance. If you no longer have this information, please contact the Admissions Office. 
  • Depending on which scholarship was given, there may be certain requirements a student must uphold in order to retain that scholarship (maintain a GPA  of 3.0 and above). The Catholic Schools Foundation scholarship requires families to complete FACTS every year and does not increase as the cost of the school increases.
Our rigorous curriculum and strong academic support is designed to prepare all of our students for college.
CWSP makes NDCR an affordable option, all while teaching students valuable, lifelong professional skills.
Learn more about all of the sports and clubs you can join!
Enhance your time at NDCR by participating in a variety of activities.
Anthony Zavagnin
Dr. Anthony Zavagnin
Put yourself out there: raise your hand in class and approach people to introduce yourself.
Mabel Dominguez
Ms. Mabel Dominguez
Dean of Students
All you need is one good friend! Quality over quantity. 
Deb Shell
Ms. Deborah Shell
CWSP Executive Director
Developing good studying skills now will help you succeed in college.
Deborah Shell
Mr. Paul Tanklefsky
CWSP Coordinator
Step out of your comfort zone and seek out new opportunities and experiences – it will enrich your high school years and may make all the difference in your future. 
Andrew Craig
Mr. Andrew Craig
Campus Minister
Be open to trying different school clubs and activities. You never know what you might like and the friends you might make!