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Junior, Melanie Guerra, Wins Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize at MIT Symposia

Started in 2006, Molecular Frontiers operates as a non-profit organization, hosted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Its Scientific Advisory Board, a group of eminent scientists including many Nobel Prize laureates, represent expertise from a wide range of molecular science disciplines.  30 students from Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School were asked to attend this year’s Molecular Frontiers Symposia thanks to the generosity of NDCR Board Member, Patricia Kane and MIT Professor, Shuguang Zhang, head of MIT’s Laboratory of Molecular Architecture.  The opportunity came about during a casual dinner at Kane’s home with Zhang and his wife, Dorrie Langsley, when Kane shared her role as Board member at Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School.  Zhang immediately arranged for 30 NDCR students to attend the Molecular Frontiers Symposium being hosted at MIT’s Media Lab on November 16 and 17.  

The Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize (MFIP) is the world’s first prize rewarding questions rather than answers, recognizing the critical role of curiosity in the scientific process as well as the value of skilled inquisitiveness in all aspects of modern life. Each year, five girls and five boys win the MFIP for asking the most insightful and thought-provoking scientific questions.  Guerra, who is employed at Mercury Systems in Mechanical Engineering, through NDCR’s Corporate Work Study Program, has a profound interest in science and engineering.

Photos taken by NDCR Chemistry teacher and chaperone, Suzanne Sabine: 

  1. NDCR Junior and Winner of Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize Melanie Guerra on Right
  2. NDCR students pose with Bengt Nordén, Founding Patron, Molecular Frontiers Foundation, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry from 1995 to 2004, and the Committee’s chairman from 2000 to 2003 (gentleman on the floor). 
  3. NDCR students pose with Shuguang Zhang (red fleece), MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, Media Lab.

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