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CWSP Corporate Partner Handbook


Welcome! Whether you are a new or returning Corporate Work Study Partner, we thank you for providing Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School students with the opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization and to gain meaningful work experience.
This Corporate Partner Handbook provides you with information about how the Corporate Work Study Program operates on a day-to-day basis and supplements the contract your organization signed. Our policies and procedures follow standard business practices and customs.
New students attend a two-week Summer Training Institute and returning students attend a one-day refresher training program.  All students are aware of the Corporate Work Study Program’s high expectations.
The Corporate Work Study Program staff members will periodically update you via email about any dates for events for Supervisors and CWSP Partners. We welcome your feedback about how to make these communications more effective. We also welcome any other feedback or suggestions about how we can continuously improve the Corporate Work Study Program. 

Have you watched our latest training video? Please watch this very informative training video for:
  • A brief orientation to NDCR and the Cristo Rey Network
  • A preview of the Corporate Partner Handbook and key policies
  • Tips and tools for being a successful supervisor.