Student Activities


  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Cheerleading

Book Club

NDCR students meet regularly to discuss books required in the classroom and books chosen by the club. Lively discussions lead to reflection, discoveries and a lot of laughter can be heard coming from the classroom!

Music Club

You may have heard several of NDCR students play and sing at St. Mary of the Assumption. We are fortunate to also hear them in the hallways and when they give special performances for the school community. If you are interested in music, consider joining several other students at NDCR who will embrace and showcase your talent!

Student Government

NDCR Student Government consists of three elected representatives from each class. These representatives include the Class President, Vice President and Student Representative. The purpose of the Student Government is to serve as the liaison between the student body, faculty and administration of the school and as a voice of the student body to the administration. The members of the Student Government shall also provide leadership and an example for the students of NDCR.

Video Club

Writers, producers, directors, film crew, editors and actors - yes, we've got them all! Projects are great and small. If you are interested in this field, you won't want to miss your shot at being a part of this very talented group!

Wilderness Club

NDCR's Wilderness Program makes it possible for our students to learn invaluable wilderness skills like setting up tents, navigating using topographical maps, and creating drinking water through filtering techniques. Experienced NDCR student hikers head up to Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette and those students with no hiking experience, hike up Mt. Cardigan.

Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook Committee is committed to creating a yearbook that the students and faculty will be proud of. They have been working tirelessly to make sure that this year’s publication will be a comprehensive look at their high school experience!