Scholarship Funds

Endowment and Scholarship Funds

There are currently 8 scholarship funds to help deserving NDCRHS students and their families with tuition costs.  We encourage you to donate to any of the funds below.  For further information on setting up a scholarship fund or contributing to these established funds, please contact Sr. Mary Lou Graziano,  Development Associate at 978-689-8222 ext. 24. 

John G. and Frances Chory Scholarship Fund

This scholarship awards an incoming freshman with demonstrated academic achievement and who is from the city of Lawrence the full family portion of tuition for their 4 years at NDCRHS. The fund honors John and his deceased wife, a long time teacher in Methuen and the Lawrence public schools.  The couple’s eight children, 5 of whom are St. Mary’s graduates, support the fund along with many other friends and family members.

Richard Curran Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship will award a member of the Class of 2014 and the Class of 2015 the full family portion of tuition for their 4 years at NDHS. The recipients must be good students who perform service at NDHS.

Father James Field Honorary Scholarship Fund

This scholarship honors the former pastor of Incarnation Parish in Melrose for his commitment to the NDHS mission and his leadership in encouraging his parishioners to share their time and talent with the NDHS community. $1000 scholarships will be given each year to students who exemplify the qualities of academic achievement, leadership and courage.

Rita M. Fitzgibbons Gordon RN Scholarship

This scholarship honors a St. Mary High graduate who was a nurse. This endowed fund will provide a scholarship for a student interested in the medical profession.  The fund was established with a generous donation from the James W. O’Brien Foundation and is supported with many memorial donations from family and friends of Mrs. Gordon.

Sr. Mary Anne Laughlin, SND Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is funded anonymously with a $1,000 donation each year from a St. Mary High alumna who memorializes this woman who dedicated her life to education and believed in the basic good of all people. A junior who demonstrates tremendous effort is given the award for his/her senior year tuition.

James McCarty Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is an endowed fund. Each year the interest earned along with a supplemental gift from the family, if necessary, to achieve a $250 award, is given to a rising senior who shows leadership qualities and perseverance.

Dr. Fred and Emily Arrigg Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is an endowed fund with the interest being given to students at any grade level with demonstrated financial need.

Class of 2010 Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was created by members of the Class of 2010 who promise to give $5 each year for the next 5 years to fund a donation of $250 each year to a member of the Class of 2014 for his/her tuition. The Class of 2010 also donated $500 from the proceeds of its school store to the fund.