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NDCR often has great opportunities to join our team. At NDCR, we work hard to provide an environment where our youth feel secure and are ready to learn. We do this by creating a caring, well-structured environment in which expectations are high. Our school community is small and provides our students with supportive relationships that enhance their learning capabilities. We are blessed with a dedicated staff that works hard to connect with our students and provide academic opportunities and knowledge based on individual needs and goals.
The overarching goal of NDCR is to equip its teen students with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully pursue higher education. All students participate in a college preparatory education enhanced by a unique Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) where students learn professional work skills while earning income to offset the cost of their high school education. The CWSP is an integral part of the NDCR education. This educational model brings hope to our students and provides them with the tools to succeed now and in the future. Our learning program makes connections for young people between academics and career success. This is what makes school engaging and relevant and motivates students to succeed.
Without a doubt, NDCR is unique. In a region where the need is so great and the resources so limited, our school brings a glimmer of hope to our students, their families, and the community.
Opportunities currently available:
*There are no positions currently available at NDCR - please check back often just in case there is something available that may be the perfect fit for your next career move!
Please send thoughtful cover letter and resume to Susan Marquis at when positions become available.